The “Irrationality” of New Year Resolutions


Now that the buzz surrounding the New Year celebrations are over, it’s time to refocus and center on what the future will bring. The past is just that, past. It’s cliche, but true. I’ve been reading/studying a fascinating book, Irrationality by Stuart Sutherland. Sutherland was a psychology professor from the University of Sussex in the UK and spent his career … Read More

The Importance(?) and Impact of Fear

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I write this after a week of my news feed on Facebook and other social media outlets being flooded by the Houston athletic community in an outcry. There were a rash of incidents, including the rape of a woman, at a local Houston Park that I and many others frequent. This rash of robberies and unfortunate rape, got me thinking … Read More

Solo Night Run


In late December, I had a long 7-hour trail run on my schedule for Saturday and the weather looked like it was threatening. Not in a “scattered showers” kind of way, but more like a “high threat of severe thunderstorms” kind of way. What would you do? Option 1) Bitch and moan and do whatever you can get in before … Read More

2014 Texas Marathon

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Since 2011, I’ve started off my New Year on the right foot (feet?) by joining a bunch of other “crazies” from all over the country (and world, a few International entries are common) at the Texas Marathon in Kingwood, TX. The Boone’s (Steve and Paula) have been putting on a great race for the past 15 years each New Year’s … Read More

Happy New Year


My Facebook and Twitter feeds are blowing up with reflections on the past year and goals for 2014. I sit here in the airport awaiting my flight back to Houston with a few minutes to reflect upon 2013… It’s been a crazy and productive year with many lessons learned! Highlights: 1) Setting personal bests in marathons back to back in … Read More

Cajun Coyote 100km

StefRace Reports

It was a cold winter’s night, and all across the land racers were getting tucked in to go off to sleepy land. Well, I should have been the night before Cajun Coyote, but I was having lots of fun with my trail running buds from HTRex. A margarita paired with a baked potato, steamed veggies and french fries dusted with … Read More

Hot Shot Photoshoot


┬áSave this space…for something completely AWESOME! Hi, my name is Endurojunkie and I have a problem. I bet you have a similar problem. I look goofy or downright bad in race photos… Upper left (dying at the end of one of my early 5k’s), Center (death marching Ironman Coeur d’Alene), Upper Right (on the way to my first 50k win) … Read More

Badwater 135 News


2014 Badwater 135 Effectively Cancelled On Saturday December 21, 2013, news came out that Death Valley National Park Commission (DVNP) would be suspending all permits for endurance events going through the National Park. Badwater 135, though not a race I’m currently considering, is on many of my friend’s bucket lists. Some were already preparing their 2014 applications. All applicants go … Read More

2014 Race Schedule & Past Results

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Key Races / Highlights 2014 – Rocky Raccoon 100M (Feb 1-2) Equinox 50km (March 22) Umstead 100M (April 5-6) Wildflower 70.3 (May 3) 2013 – Houston Marathon (Jan 13) – 3:45:34 (PR) Rocky Raccoon 100M (Feb 2-3) – 23:30:37 (16th OA Female; first 100M attempt) Nueces 50M (March 2) – 10:25:46 (USATF 50M Championship, 9th place Open Female) Seabrook Lucky … Read More

Welcome to Endurostew


What is Endurostew? Endurostew are the thoughts and musings of Endurojunkie (@endurojunkie) on all things endurance, and sometimes not. Expect lots of changes over the next few weeks and months, as I’m getting everything put together and “prettied” up. Please read more about me in the About tab.