Strength through Boredom

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Trials and Tribulations of the Fiberglass Prison Episode 4: Boredom Comes a ‘Knockin Four weeks have gone by, four long weeks since I last stepped forth with two healthy legs. I think I’ve done quite well for myself. I keep myself as busy as possible to do what exercise I can to maintain the shred of sanity with which I … Read More

Frustrations and Blessings

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Trials and Tribulations of the Fiberglass Prison Episode 3: Frustrations and Blessings Frustration (n):┬áthe feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something Frustrations: Inabilities have been pretty much dictated my life the past few weeks. I’m highly limited by what I can do and there is precious little I can do to change … Read More

Sanity or Something Like it…

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Trials and Tribulations of the Fiberglass Prison Episode #2 – Finding a New “Normal” The first week of my recovery was filled with pain, fatigue and lots of sleep. The thing (not quite, but almost) furthest from my mind was exercise. I just knew my body (and mind) needed a chance to heal a little… However, most of the pain … Read More

Injury Update & Miscellanea


“Good Luck, Break a Leg” Said no trail runner, ever… My diagnosis was pretty clear on Monday (2/2), confirmed as a broken fibula. What I suspected, but was confirmed is there was also a hairline fracture of my tibia (the big leg bone). Thankfully, my bones decided to break neatly, requiring no “hardware” (sorry, I prefer my hardware in the … Read More

Rocky Raccoon 2015 – Escape from Chinquapin

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“It’s not what we are dealt in life, but how we react to what we are dealt. That’s what defines our character and who we are as people” ~S. Bernosky (2015) Sometimes we encounter walls in our lives that bring us to a dead stop. The week leading up to Rocky Raccoon wasn’t great, in fact, it was pretty darn … Read More

2015 Houston Marathon

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2015 Houston Marathon Site Blocked: Gambling Site Blocked: Gambling. That’s what I was greeted with at work first thing Monday morning after the Houston Marathon. What was I looking up? The race results, of course! After a few confused and desperate attempts to access the site, I gave up and emailed my corporate running team befuzzled by the situation. They … Read More

Skora Tempo


Sneak Peek: Skora Tempo No review yet, but some #shoeporn to get everyone excited about Skora’s newest offering, the Tempo! They are beautiful shoes and are going to be a great addition to my rotation. Skora really treats their customer base and ambassadors well, I’m extremely happy to be representing them this year (and hopefully beyond)! Also, hot off the … Read More

Speedy Pursuits

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Making every mile count When I was a kid, I hated running. I mean, I would run, I loved playing soccer and other team sports but I disliked running with a passion. When I played soccer I only wanted to play 2 positions, either goal keeper or on the front line (wing). Some coaches saw my passion (and skill) for … Read More

Texas Marathon – 2015 Edition

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2015 Texas Marathon Where the only thing larger than the medals is the hospitality Five days after completing 58 miles at the Houston Running Festival, I found myself for the 5th time toeing the line at the Texas Marathon on New Year’s Day (first year I did the half, but the full ever since). Great people, great swag and a … Read More

2014 Houston Running Fest 12-hr

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Going a bit Loopy for the Final Race of 2014 After the soul-searching run at Cajun Coyote, I decided to add another race to my schedule. For the third year, a race has been put on in Houston over the final weekend of the year. Yen Nguyen named it the Houston Running Festival and truly has a distance for everyone! … Read More