2016 Millican 25k

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“Oh won’t you…show me the way, everyday?” Last year, while I was recovering from my broken ankle and still entrapped in my fiberglass prison, I headed up to College Station, TX to captain an aid station at the Millican Ultra and Trail Runs. College Station is a mere 90 minute drive from Houston, so a group of us from my … Read More

2016 Rocky Raccoon

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On Slaying Monsters… It all started with the sound of the snapping of a branch. Or, I thought it was a branch. Searing pain told me otherwise, it was in fact my ankle. That was the end of my 2015 adventure at Rocky Raccoon, with a broken ankle and a fiberglass prison sentence. I came into the 2016 race with … Read More

Chocoloco 10k

StefRace Reports, Training

Capitalizing on Taper Madness + Rock’n Onward to RR100!  The Houston Marathon marked the last long effort before my goal race, Rocky Raccoon 100. With that, the past 2 weeks, I’ve been tapering back my mileage. Lately, I’ve taken to the strategy of tapering back mileage while keeping bursts of intensity to keep my brain satisfied and legs happy. For … Read More

2016 Houston Marathon

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Picking up the Pace…or not… I always have a hard time racing marathons. At first, it was because I was inexperienced and was happy for whatever time I felt like running that particular day. More recently, it’s because I never taper properly because there is always “something” around the corner that makes it a “training run”. This year’s Houston Marathon was … Read More

2016 Texas Marathon

StefRace Reports, Training

2016 Texas Marathon: Lessons in Racing, Pacing and Timing… For the 5th consecutive year, I’ve started my New Year by running the Texas (full) Marathon (I did the half version 6 years ago). It’s one of the longer-lived marathons in Texas, put on by Steve and Paula Boone, 50-States Marathon Club legends. Logistically, it’s a very simple race for me to … Read More

Christmas 2015 + Kris Kringle 5M

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Christmas Happenings and Kris Kringle 5M After the excitement of the Thanksgiving Holiday, we decided to do something as a family for the first time in at least 5 years. I booked my sister a ticket home for Christmas from Jackson Hole so we could have a good old fashioned family Christmas together. As our family has scattered and “grown … Read More

Texas Trails Endurance 50M

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Practicing Patience and Pacing With my DNS at Cajun Coyote, I decided to fill the gap with a race the following weekend. There were a couple of local options. The first would be at Brazos Bend State Park and the other at Huntsville State Park. Both are really nice Texas State Parks and both are approximately the same driving distance … Read More

Thanksgiving Break…

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Giving Thanks for: A Clean Break; Old friends; and a Marathon! Historically, one of my least favorite holiday’s has been Thanksgiving. I don’t know why, but even when I did eat meat, I didn’t care for turkey and Thanksgiving always seemed like a long drive broken up with a couple of meals that I never really got into included. Yes, … Read More

Javelina 100M

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2015 Javelina 100 Race Report “Pressing my Luck…”   Come on, No Whammies, No Whammies, No Whammies, STOP! Game show aficionados may remember this game quite well. Press Your Luck was a game show, of well, luck back in the 80’s. I remember it fondly of keeping me company during sick and teacher in service days as a child. There … Read More

Waldo 100k

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My legs are burning, back is barking and my left ankle has just started to lock up on me. I’m climbing the final stretch of the Twins entering into mile 44. My mind told me I couldn’t possibly go on to Maiden Peak. I had been warned Maiden Peak (7819’) was the toughest of the climbs of the 100k by … Read More