7th “Runiversary”

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Celebrating another “Runiversary” It seems like just yesterday on one hand, but ages away on the other. Next weekend at the Houston Marathon will mark my 7th “Runiversary”. Most who know me today don’t remember or didn’t know me in my “pre-runner” classification. In those days, I was pursuing my academic passion, geology. Throughout my academic career, the extent of … Read More

Year in Review – 2015

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2015 Reflections and 2016 Goals…  This year can’t simply be summed up in a single word or phrase. It’s been one with dizzying ups and downs (a similar theme from 2014). My year began with some fun races with friends, I secured a new speedy 5k PR (21:34) and ran the Texas and Houston Marathons in January. All of that … Read More

Embracing Grey

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 DFL > DNF > DNS Or is it? To race or not? It tends to be one of the most frequently asked questions on running/triathlon forums. Sometimes the answer is straight-forward. Can’t race with a broken bone, the flu or a funeral to attend. However, this is not the norm. Where does one draw the line? This year I had to explore … Read More

Thanksgiving Break…

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Giving Thanks for: A Clean Break; Old friends; and a Marathon! Historically, one of my least favorite holiday’s has been Thanksgiving. I don’t know why, but even when I did eat meat, I didn’t care for turkey and Thanksgiving always seemed like a long drive broken up with a couple of meals that I never really got into included. Yes, … Read More

Hurts so Good…

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“Hurts so Good…” Come on baby, make it hurt so good… I love me some good ‘ol John “Cougar” Mellencamp! However, I somehow doubt he was referring to the topic of this post during my mental drafting. This post is dedicated to an unsung hero in my training and recovery, my bodywork/massage therapist, Walt. This year has been a whirlwind of … Read More


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Trials and Tribulations of the Fiberglass Prison Episode 7: Patience This is the 7th in my recovery series from the saga of my broken ankle. You can read the back story from my Rocky Raccoon 100M race report. As individuals, we each have our own gifts and talents to give to the World. Some of these come easy, others are much … Read More

Frustrations and Blessings

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Trials and Tribulations of the Fiberglass Prison Episode 3: Frustrations and Blessings Frustration (n): the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something Frustrations: Inabilities have been pretty much dictated my life the past few weeks. I’m highly limited by what I can do and there is precious little I can do to change … Read More

Rocky Raccoon 2015 – Escape from Chinquapin

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“It’s not what we are dealt in life, but how we react to what we are dealt. That’s what defines our character and who we are as people” ~S. Bernosky (2015) Sometimes we encounter walls in our lives that bring us to a dead stop. The week leading up to Rocky Raccoon wasn’t great, in fact, it was pretty darn … Read More

Speedy Pursuits

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Making every mile count When I was a kid, I hated running. I mean, I would run, I loved playing soccer and other team sports but I disliked running with a passion. When I played soccer I only wanted to play 2 positions, either goal keeper or on the front line (wing). Some coaches saw my passion (and skill) for … Read More

Angels and Demons

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2014 Cajun Coyote 100km Race Report – Angels and Demons I went into Cajun Coyote 100km this year with a demon hanging over myself. I hadn’t put in the training to run long, heck, I only had one training run that lasted 4 hours in the 6 months leading up to the race. My demons were making themselves known from … Read More