Year in Review – 2015

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2015 Reflections and 2016 Goals… 


This year can’t simply be summed up in a single word or phrase. It’s been one with dizzying ups and downs (a similar theme from 2014).

My year began with some fun races with friends, I secured a new speedy 5k PR (21:34) and ran the Texas and Houston Marathons in January. All of that came to a screeching halt at Rocky Raccoon 100M.

Breaking my ankle was a blessing in disguise.

I took time to give back to the trail running community by captaining aid stations at Rocky Raccoon 50M and the inaugural BCS ultra. Helping others get through their races gave me renewed love for the trail running community. We all come from different places and walks of life, but are all at peace together, recreating on the trails.

It enabled me to have down time to do a number of things I typically put off, but mostly think and reflect. I began devoting more time to writing my blog, which I had been inconsistent with in the past. I hope that my writing not only helps me organize my thoughts, but also helps inspire and give hope to others facing the same races, situations or issues.

During the healing process, I became even more in tune with my body. I developed a deeper understanding of how biomechanics works and how I can use that knowledge to optimize my training. By no means do I mean I fully understand the complexities of the human body, but I’m having fun exploring the complexities so I can run healthier for longer.

After a break from February through April, I began light running in May and training for Waldo 100k in June. Surprising myself and others, I successfully completed Waldo 100k in August after only 2 months of training. I wasn’t back to top-shape, but I was definitely on an up-swing.

A couple tough 50k races in September/October at the Rut and StumpJump were the final pieces in the puzzle to finally get revenge on the 100M distance at Javelina Jundred. 

While tapering for Javelina, I discovered I had some speed back into my legs. I bested my half marathon PR by >5 minutes at Huntsville Half (1:39:16) and ran a speedy hilly 12k back in my hometown. I went into Javelina fresh and healthy, besting my PR by nearly an hour.

Three weeks after completing Javelina, I ran a speedy 25k, besting my PR by over 4 minutes (2:00:07). Simply a week after that, I ran a solid 3:43 marathon at the NCR Trail Marathon.

Six weeks after Javelina, I tackled the 50M distance again at Texas Endurance Runs. Though not a PR, I ran a very consistent race to increase my confidence in registering for Rocky Raccoon in 2016.

As an added bonus, in spite of having 2 full months off, I still successfully surpassed 2015 miles for 2015! I didn’t think I’d manage to hit my mileage goal, but either dumb luck or smart training allowed me to accomplish more than I could have imagined.

New PR’s…

  • 5k – 21:34 (from 22:23)
  • 5M – 35:43 (from 42:09)
  • 12k – 56:46 (new distance)
  • Half Marathon – 1:39:16 (from 1:44:21)
  • 25k – 2:00:07 (from 2:04:15)
  • 100M – 22:36:16 (from 23:30:37)

2016 Goals…

  • Marathon – 3:25
  • 100M – <22:00
  • >2016 miles for 2016 (hopefully ~2500)

Keeping it simple for 2016 in my running goals. I want to remain healthy and continue to emphasize quality over quantity. Also, as mentioned earlier this month, continue “embracing the grey“…